Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spruced up Alexandra Canal Park Connector

Was officially opened by the old man who claim is built to benefit the peasant's homes value which will never drop. He is wrong. Such artificially inflated price bubble will burst 1 day. Is a question of when. Starhub's paying more dividends than earnings is unsustainable. How can exhorbitant mortgages be sustainable when wages are declining/stagnant for most of the population in a volatile economic environment?

I find it absurd it took 23 months at $34M to spruce up a small part of this 1.2km stretch of stormwater drain. Spruced up area is mainly sited from opening at Tanglin Road for a few hundred metres.

Platform of man-made landscaping over the canal:

End of landscaped platform. Canal at background:

A crossing added with bit of landscaping over the stormwater drain further down from Tanglin Road:

Extended shelter. The last of the so called main sprucing up.

End of this Alexandra Canal is Zion hawker centre on opposite bank. A pitstop for food & drinks.

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