Friday, June 24, 2011

$1 Ice Kachang @ Tanglin Halt Hawker Ctr

Probably the best value for $ desert stall in S'pore as most of its deserts are $1. Is at the round shaped hawker centre at Tanglin Halt. Whenever i pass by while riding during its opening hours (7am-8:30pm, some Wed off)i make an effort to stop by.

Tanglin Halt is the probably the only area in S'pore where 2 hawker centres are a stone throw away from each other. Both offer food at reasonable prices (for a frugal guy like me). Besides that area is under Tanjong Pagar GRC which is helmed by MM Lee. Is mostly a lower income area & if cost of living are raised there would be unrest & disatisfaction which is a terrifying scenario for the henchmen working to please old man Lee.

Ice Kachang sold by the open booth eatery outside IMM is a rip-off at $4. Though i have not tried it before i still find it ridiculous. I can order 4 bowls at the Tanglin Halt stall & i'll probably can't consume anymore after 2 bowls let alone 4. So much of the costs go into paying rentals & few mins of aircon hence is definately not a good use of my $$.

Furthermore i'm more inclined to support small local businesses.

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