Monday, June 13, 2011

KTM Bukit Timah Railway Station (bicycle trip)

All railway tracks will be dismantled from next month onwards when end point is Woodlands instead of Tanjong Pagar railway station. A Green Corridor petition was started to preserve & turn it into a green corridor. Sad to say with the present money minded govt the petition is pretty much futile.

Tanjong Pagar & Bukit Timah stations will be preserved but as we know the preservation will add a lot of fakeness to it. One need not look further than Chinatown which has lost much of its authenticity. Do tourists come here to look & savour the fake stuff?

I rode to Bukit Timah station to have a last look in its true form before is gone.

Entry point is the side path leading up just below the black railway bridge. This smaller path leads to the station but it is not so roadbike friendly. Other side path which is wider on other side is more friendly to roadbikes.

3 tracklines to allow repair locomotive & for other train to stop & wait to avoid collision in the single line track winding through S'pore.

Device to activate switching of tracks. All these will be gone with the dismantling. A piece of local railway history is gone...

Railway bridge over the Bkt Timah/Dunearn Road near King Albert Park.

I don't suppose the bridge will be dismantled since is a waste- it can take a train.

To left is towards Tanjong Pagar Station. To right is Woodlands & then Johor, Malaysia.

Abandoned building opposite Bukit Timah Station. I suppose it used to be some admin or staff quarters in the past. Hope this building will be preserved as well.

Bukit Timah Station & its platform. Without the condos nearby this place really look & feel like kampung(hamlet). Peaceful & quiet place unlike the busy artery road just few hundred metres down the slope.

Station master coordinate from here to avoid collisions. Malaysia flag(left) will be gone from next month onwards.

Stitched up photo of the station.

Room storing the device for station master to switch tracks. All will be gone soon...

Toilet. There's no toilet at the station. Looks dark inside but i see a cable going in so i suppose got light to turn on inside.

Waiting area at center of station beside the device storage room. Seats a couple of passengers in the past.

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