Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Library Modelling After HDB in Manipulating Demand for $$?

Severe pent-up demand for Robert Kiyosaki's latest book 'Unfair Advantage' leaves me wondering if Library Board is following the footsteps of HDB(Housing Development Board).

How to manipulate? 1st they ordered 3 copies of this popular author's books for entire nation. With just 3 copies the demand in reservation for the book went to the stratosphere! Take a look:

Every single copy (each library has 2 copies) are reserved at a price of $1.55 .There ought to be 2 reservations per book so the library gets $3.10 to recoup part of a book's price.

I have no intention of buying his latest book. Saving $$ is 1 reason but the other reason is shelf space. I'll read the book twice & return it. Unless the book is really good & worth buying to keep as reference the limited shelfspace is increasingly impacting which books to buy for reference.

People's homes are increasingly cluttered these days.

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