Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fast-Food Happiness

More & more malls being built with the latest a 5 story mall(incl basement) beside Jurong East MRT station to be open before year end 2013. Jurong east area already has IMM nearby & Jurong Entertainment Mall slated to be open later this year.

With more & more shopping malls popping out what does it say about the general happiness of the populace?

Do u buy things because u
  • are stressed?
  • are unhappy?
  • husband/wife ignoring u?
  • boss yelled at u?
  • shower children with gifts to allay your guilty conscience for not spending time with them?
  • buy things to impress people who are also trying to impress u?
  • are sucked in by the crowd who is also buying?

Welcome to fast-food happiness where people drown their bad emotions for a couple of minutes of happiness from buying things. With many stressed from their work they want immediate decompression - shopping. In the age of instant noodles, the motto of advertisers is 'BUY/CONSUME NOW!' & pay later through installments.

Only by BUY/CONSUME NOW can stressed people feel a sense of control & power by exercising their buying power. Many people fall into this trap & get further into debt & hordes of seldom used clutter clogging their homes. Are you 1 of them?

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