Thursday, June 2, 2011

Railway Track to be Dismantled?

Railway station owned by Malaysia will relocate to Woodlands immigration & customs from 1st July. Tracks of railroad will revert to S'pore ownership in exchange for prime land(building) in Marina area with Temasek as slightly smaller shareholder.

This is the rail track near Tanglin Halt Blk 76(to be demolished for enbloc soon). I used to come here after a meal at lunchtime when i worked nearby to enjoy some peace & watch the afternoon train roll by. Rather sad to see this piece of relic go. People have petitioned to have the tracks conserved as nature corridor but as many know about the extreme capitalistic mindset of the current govt, is unlikely to happen (Just look at the less plastic bag campaign).

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station may be conserved but the tracks are likely to be dismantled. With tracks gone it frees up many constraints on development for the govt to milk even more $$$(eg hidden taxes via 30year hdb loans) out of the populace in an increasingly volatile economic environment.

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