Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting off the 'Grid' Once in a While

Mobile phones are a common companion among many people who are leading an increasingly hectic life. Increasingly it has become an annoyance with work following where a person goes with the cellphone after workhours. Personal/family & work life are increasingly blurred. Ever thought of leaving your cellphone switched off or at home while you go out to be a free spirit?

I leave my cellphone at home when i:

  • jog (at all times)
  • play badminton (usually)
  • short distance cycling (usually)
  • short errands (usually)
  • stroll after dinner (usually)
  • quiet time alone (usually)
Another negative that comes with the cellphone is that it allows people to 'disappear' from appointments/dates at the last minute since can do so easily. Back in the olden days when cellphones are not ubiquitous, a person has to make effort to show up for appointments/dates since is not easy to cancel by calling/sms. In this aspect the cellphone has lulled many in not honoring their appointments/dates.

Punctuality is often not honored with the advent of cellphones as well.

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