Saturday, June 18, 2011

F1 Pace of Life in S'pore

Lights emanating from a construction crane for the rebuilding of Jurong Entertainment Mall. Construction work ongoing too for Jurong Hospital & the mall beside Jurong mrt. Time? 10:30pm on friday. This is a day when regular working hours people are eager to knock off cause the weekend has arrived.

What does this say about the F1 pace of life here? Isn't it hardly a wonder:

  • why so many are stressed out?
  • Increasingly mental illness
  • More & more malls for people to buy buy buy as a form of therapy(very short term)
No doubt speeded up construction let people enjoy the facilities earlier. However the pervasiveness of speed in s'pore comes at a cost.

Are you driving a 'F1' in your life? Any thought of slowing down & unplugging from the 'grid' at least once in a while?

1 comment:

  1. Just the other day i look into the horizon and i saw 9 construction cranes. I thought to myself, when is this going to stop. Its always improving and never settled. What is a "want" before becomes a "need" now.