Friday, October 21, 2011

1st 3 Groceries/Snacks Purchases at Tesco, Msia

Looking to make the trip more fruitful besides cutting hair, watching movies & eating at coffeeshops, the following are my first 3 purchases at Tesco in Johor. UO Superstore at Plaza Kotaraya has moved out since the mall is renovating. Between Tesco & Jusco it seems Tesco has more items that are cheaper. With a Tesco outlet at KSL mall which is nearer i've signed up for their clubcard to accumulate points for discount later.

-----Tesco@KSL (per unit price)
Tesco 1.5l Root Beer RM1.99
Kimball Medium Thai Chilli RM2.59

Root beer is irresistible because when converted back is S$0.81! How does it taste? Well it loses out compared to A&W Root Beer but given the price i can't complain.

-----Tesco@Bkt Indah (per unit price)
Mouse RM16.90
Tomato Beans RM1.99
Kim Large Thai Chilli RM2.99

Baked beans in tomato sauce on sale which converted back is S$0.81. Never tried this brand before nor seen it before. Acceptable taste so it is an awesome value for $ purchase!

-----Tesco@KSL (per unit price)
Tesco Chocolate bar-Fruit & Nuts RM5.9
Tesco 1.5l Orange softdrink RM1.99
Mister Potato Chips BBQ RM3.70
KF Sardine RM2.59
Cloud 9 Chocoloate filled with caramel, soft nougat & nuts RM3.29

Tesco chocolate bar is something i venture to give this house brand a try. Who says house brand is lousy? I find it value for $$ compared to an established brand like Cadbury.

No root beer flavor on sale & only orange softdrink for Tesco housebrand. Bought 2 bottles to experiment. Haven't drink so no comments yet.

Can of sardine is around S$1. Is it too good to be true? Again no comments as haven't open & eat yet.

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