Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kimball Thai Chilli Sauce

3 versions of the thai style chilli sauce but i only come across the smallest & medium version locally. The biggest bottle is in supermarkets in Malaysia. Though the medium version is available locally it is not common. I bought the medium & bigger bottles from malaysia & already the medium bottle is cheaper & yet more quantity than its S'pore smallest bottle.

All 3 bottles originate from Malaysia in same factory. Is just packaged differently.

300g $1.15
355g RM2.59 $1.07
520g Rm2.99 $1.23

300g per gram price $0.00383
355g per gram price $0.00301
520g per gram price $0.00236

Going by unit price the biggest bottle sold in malaysian market is the best value for $$.


  1. Hi, where can I find this is in Vancouver, Canada???

    1. I have not been to Canada before. Chilli is not something that caucasians like. You can try your luck finding it in stores selling asian ingredients/sauces.