Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PAP Policies Vicious Cycle Flowchart

Remarkable in its simplicity. Less is more. Why bother writing an essay of words when a simple flowchart will do? Someone who contributed this flowchart to a socio-political website has succinctly sum up why he voted against the incumbent party. Its current policies are now a vicious cycle.

The part on keeping citizens loyal through high land prices is a form of modern slavery through 30years mortgage in an increasingly volatile economic climate. In the end how much savings is left as being reflected in a survey on S'porean savings after the bulk of retirement funds is used for a 99 year leasehold flat?

The high costs of doing business has made many businesses increasingly uncompetitive. What value is that in buying stuff as i've written many posts on paying for a big rental component?

Inflating the costs of public(also drives up private) housing to transfer citizen's retirement funds into the country's treasury which is control by a certain family. Just on demographics alone with aging population & low fertility rate, S'pore is already on track for long-term decline. Addressing the demographic issue through temporary stop-gap measure through immigrants is not sustainable as immigrants themselves are subjected to the same vicious conditions in time to come.

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