Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Using Stuff Till Worn Out

Maximizing usage after buying it. In corporate terms is call amortizing the purchase over like say 2,3,4 or 5 years. But how often do individuals amortize the stuff they buy instead of just discarding & replacing it while the item is still in working condition?

450W power supply unit for computer. Usage: 5years 3mths. The fan has failed like 3-4mths back & the cpu casing tower can feel the increased heat as i touch it. The final straw to replace it came when it takes 3 tries just to power up the computer - on & off after like 3-4secs, on & off after like 3-4 secs then finally on.

Bicycles gloves. A cheap pair that i have used for just over a year. What i found out is that whether is a more expensive pair or cheapo pair the place that gets worn out for me is the same places- between thumb & index fingers areas (right glove)then spreading out.

Using stuff till they finally 'give up' not only maximises the purchase value, you also contribute less trash & waste than others. Good for the planet. You might even have less clutter in your home when old stuff just collect dust after you bought a more fanciful newer & usually more expensive version.

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