Monday, October 31, 2011

Humongous Lifeforce Thrown Away Watching Ads during Drama 爱

Taiwanese soap drama 爱 ended its run on S'pore tv not long ago. It has a humongous run of like 776 episodes here. While it is admirable that the drama can attract so many viewers despite its long long run i can't help but wonder how much time viewers have thrown away due to commercials.

Assuming an episode is 45mins here during a 1hour slot, there is about 15mins of commercial. Multiplied by 776 episodes & is 11640mins which is 194hours of pure commercial watching. Many people lament about being drained of energy after a day's work & the number of leave days for many workers in S'pore is around 14 days annual leave.

Well guess what? 194 hours is around 1 month of working hours exclusive of lunchtime. Time wasted on watching commercials during the drama's long run is almost equivalent to a month's break for huge majority of working class.

Little by little it might not seem much by over time the life thrown away watching commercials really adds up. Same goes for saving money.

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