Saturday, October 15, 2011

Police Posts & Taxi Improvements in JB

Johor politicans are offended by the Chief Minister of Penang, Malaysia who said “Penang was number 1 last year in terms of cutting crime by 27%. For the first 6 months… also cut crime by another 25%. Whereas in Johor, a Singaporean is likely to get kidnapped. Won’t have that problem when you come to Penang.”

With the unrelenting rise in cost of living in Spore, more & more s'poreans are relocating across the border to Johor. I don't mind if the scaremongering deter more s'poreans from going over- less jams. Instead of being robbed blind in broad daylight in S'pore by the govt through legal fare increases, levies etc etc disguised as taxes, what a person can do in johor is exercise basic common sense & blend in with the crowd to become a less likely victim.

There are already improvements:
Police post along Jalan Seladang near KSL mall.

Taxis now have go by meter assurance instead of a price fixed by cabbies which fleece passengers

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