Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shameless SG State Media News on 1Hr Lights Out. What about No Plastic Bag Day?

I read with amusement the state controlled media about news on 1Hr Lights Out(once a year) to save Mother Earth. The no plastic bag day on a weekday is an utter failure, now the state media dare not even mention it. Leaving it to the free market ain't gonna work here in sinkieland. Unfortunately this incumbent govt is too $$$$ minded to legislate such regulation.

Lights out 1hr in sg is peanuts compared to JB,Msia where busy Sats is no plastic bags day. Msian state of Penang went further with a ban. Even toilets in Msia have the green message. I don't see such 'Gaia messages' in S'pore toilets.

Remember that sg's incumbent ruling party is thinking of flooding this tiny island with 6.5M people to use plastic to boost gdp. Grow at all costs like cancer mentality so long can grow can already. 6.5M people using shit paper to wipe assholes can boost gdp - buy use throw, rinse & repeat. Sales up up up, Gdp up up up.

With their 'cancer philosophy' would they take huge strides forward about the environment? Yes as long as it hurt them a lot in their pocketbooks or much $$ to be made in profits.

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