Monday, October 1, 2012

XCOM Enemy Unknown Trailer - Most Interactive Video I've Seen

I've been engrossed in playing a dungeon crawler action role playing game Torchlight recently. Is developed by a few ex-Diablo game staff & released in 2009. However i'm only aware of it after reading someone talking about it in a game forum.

The last time i'm engrossed in such stuff is back in 2010 with Starcraft 2. There's the strong desire to continue a bit more to unravel the storyline. Is an experience that makes life exciting instead of the day-to-day drudgery.

Up next is XCOM Enemy Unknown. Unfortunately my pc is unable to play it due to WinXP & i still need this old o/s for support for my old 10year old mp3 player software to transfer files.

XCOM Enemy Unknown's interactive gameplay trailer takes marketing to a whole new level. Instead of being a spectator, you are given control of how video unfolds. No need to flush copious amount of $$ down the toilet buying ad space in traditional media like magazines.

~75,000 views after released 3 days ago:

For base intros, soldier training & equipping, research etc watch from 16min onwards ->

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