Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gotthard Base Tunnel - Reflects How S'pore Veers Off-course

Swiss standard of living was what we were told to look forward to back in the 1990s. Looking at the Gotthard Base Tunnel being bored through in 2010 reflects how far sillypore has veered away. Now sillypore is congested with vehicles while the swiss want to preserve their prestine alpine environment & cut down pollution.

Sillypore's infrastructure is bursting at the seams with flooding of 'consumers' in bid to grow gdp at all costs like cancer while the swiss started on their costly longest tunnel in world(57km) infrastructure 16 years ago.

Purposes according to wikipedia:
Primary purpose: Shift freight volumes from road to rail to reduce environmental damage caused by ever-increasing numbers of trucks.

Secondary purpose: Cut passenger trains journey time from Z├╝rich to Milan/Lugano.

1min 14s video:
See final rocks being smashed through at the celebration ceremony. See how farsighted the swiss govt is >15years ago without being paid obscene salaries compared to current sillypore govt ministers ruling a tiny dot with crumbling infrastructure.

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