Saturday, October 27, 2012

Things In Excess Become Their Opposite

Expanding on what Timothy Ferriss(bold is mine) about the horrible mutations when things are in excess:
Pacifists --> Militants
Freedom fighers --> Tyrants
Blessings --> Curses
Help --> Hindrance
More --> Less
People's Action Party --> Pro Alien Party

Too much, too many & too often of what you want becomes what you don't want.

I used to dub the current ruling party as Pay And Pay (name says it) before switching to what netizens call it Pro Alien Party (name says it again).

Whether is Pay And Pay or Pro Alien Party, their commonality is sucking $$$ from Consumers(note i no longer use Citizens).


  1. Pacifists --> Militants

    Greenpeace comes to mind. PETA is a close second in the way it hounds the famous caught in animal skins/coats. That's why I don't donate to nor support them.

  2. Hi Winking Doll,
    I'm a supporter of Greenpeace though i didn't donate to it. You already know i'm a 'green' guy reading through my rantings & thoughts.

    In fact the 'green' aspect is what make me a "center left" on the political spectrum. I believe this group is quite sizeable in sillypore else pap would just bulldoze their way on the Bkt Brown cemetery issue.

    So far the greedy pap haven't pounce on the previous Msian railway land yet though the tracks were gone. They talk of a 'green corridor' but it won't make me change my mind to vote against them.

    Gardens by the Bay has a horrendous maintainence of S$1M/week.

    1. Well, I support the ideas of environmental protection and sustainability, but more from the viewpoint of encouraging people to make those values their personal choice rather than force our beliefs down others' throats. I am also "centre left" but more because I come from the angle of social equity.

      I am being cynical here. I doubt Bkt Brown and the former M'sian railway track will remain in their current conditions. If PAP's track record indicates anything, it is their strategy to "quietly and quickly" implement their original plan after the "noise" has died down. E.g. The casinos, the old National Library Building, etc

      IMHO, the cost of maintaining Gardens by the Bay is an example of a poor application of the concept of sustainability.