Friday, October 26, 2012

Great Southern Land - 1 of My Fav. Childhood Music

Switch to 480p quality for better sound & slightly better picture:

1 of my favorite childhood music. When came online i finally got chance to buy the soundtrack(after bursting of dot com bubble) just to get the track. That was before youtube appear & made this music video sharing possible to the masses.

I first hear it in school in early 90s. Back then i'm still learning english & didn't grasp the words but the music is nice. Can't really remember but i think someone chose to play the movie Young Einstein on video cassette recorder. Great Southern Land is one of the music in it.

Years later when it was on tv, i taped the movie. At times just to listen to the music i would play-rewind the closing credits of the movie. It was then i got to know the name of the song.

After Amazon, youtube & now wikipedia on the scene i then discovered that the Australian comedy movie is a hit in Australia though is not overseas. I like the movie though.

In fact the song/music is so damn nice that Tourism Board of Australia used it as promotion.

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