Saturday, October 20, 2012

Causeway Free Flowing to Johor on Sat Morning - Rare Sight

Haven't been blogging for sometime. Took a break since i'm engrossed in completing Torchlight game with the 3 different class of characters(superb replayabilty). Also viewing of some of the playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on youtube - another game i'll like to play but can't since no WinXP support.

Sat mornings are expected to be darn congested on the causeway to Johor as sinkies merrily go over for awesomely priced food, destress from overcrowded s'pore & shopping for cheaper items. I was taken aback that it's free flowing this morning. Reason i can think of is exam period.

S'pore has mutated into 'Tuition Nation'. Lots of sinkie parents stay home to supervise/watch their kids in the cruel factory conveyor belt education system . How many lives were destroyed when youngsters were condemned & didn't pull themselves out because they were condemned by failing a paper?

How ridiculous an exam paper decide the self-esteem & future for a young person for the next 60-70 years.

ITE (Institute of Technical Education) is not joked as It's The End for nothing.

Technical professions are shunned & looked down upon unlike in countries like Germany & Australia. Many sinkies want to be 'Manager' or other nice sounding title for face value even if the manager job is just as easily a cog labor job with long hours of unpaid overtime.

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