Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Desperate Oil Drilling by USA via Hydraulic Fracking

I was taken aback when International Energy Agency reported that USA to become world's biggest oil producer. They are already desperate drilling for oil in deepwaters as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in 2010 has shown. That means the 'low hanging fruit' is gone so how can USA be world's biggest oil producer?

Continuing reading further the 'low hanging fruit' is indeed gone. USA is resorting to hydraulic fracking to drill deep. France has ban hydraulic fracking in 2011 due to environmental worries.

Because of high oil price, fracking is economically viable after paying for the high tech stuff & inputs.

What is hydraulic fracking? 6:22min video:

"But, if pursued with vigour, they would also lead to huge increases in greenhouse gas emissions that would put hopes of curbing dangerous climate change beyond reach."
Already the weather is changing in S'pore. USA has been hit by a superstorm just a couple of days back. Worldwide addiction to fossil fuel needs to be curb. Renewable energies make up a pathetic % & this time window of drilling for unconventional expensive oil might be the last window mankind have before even higher prices hit virtually everything.

High oil price --> High costs in making, transporting, storing food & stuff ---> mayhem/collapse of modern civilization
"What's new is high oil prices. It's high oil prices that make unconventional oil worth producing in the first place. It takes lots of oil, $$$ & energy, not to mention water, to frack low-porosity rocks. & the environmental risks are staggering."-Richard Heinberg
2:33min Fracking Lies by Oil Industry video:

Algae as Biofuel, Not Crops As We Ain't Enough to Eat

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