Sunday, November 11, 2012

What MASSIVESOFT's Windows 8 Can Teach Pro Alien Party

I'm still on WinXP & the game XCOM-Enemy Unknown which doesn't support WinXP is the first nudge on the back to upgrade. I'll probably upgrade to Win 8 like after 1-1.5years upon upgrading of CPU, motherboard, RAM. I held back from upgrading all these years mainly for support for my 10 year old MP3 player. By skipping Vista & Win 7, i probably saved $200-$300.

I'm no fan of Massivesoft due to its huge size which allows it to act as a monopoly & bully at times. Doesn't it resemble S'pore's ruling party with virtually a monopoly of parliament & a bully making lives hard for much of the populace?

However i have to give kudos to Massivesoft for making significant changes with Win 8 in order to stay relevant in the marketplace. Did the massive Pro Alien Party make significant changes?

Making significant changes is deem risky but if Massivesoft play safe by continuing to just tweaking here & there, it becomes more risky further down the road. In S'pore the massive Pro Alien Party is just tweaking here & there because they are so frickin entrenched in their success formula of the past since the birth of the nation. In fact some netizens say they are 'out-of-formula' since have to resort to opening not 1 but 2 casinos.

The scholars running the country are terrified of making significant changes because they are 'scholars' (old man being alive is another reason). So as scholars(risky adverse from education system) they must look smart by not making significant changes else fail which make them look darn stupid.

Staying relevant in this fast changing world:
  • MASSIVESOFT making significant changes ---> safer route in long term
  • Pro Alien Party small tweaks here & there ---> risky route in long term

Kudos again to Massivesoft despite their massiveness & past successes are able to make the leap with significant changes for Win 8. Cause if Massivesoft don't, smaller competitors which are nimble might change the rules & landscape.

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