Wednesday, November 7, 2012

T-34 vs T-90 - Fearless Russians Dare Use Antique Tank from Museum

As 2012 has less than 2 months to go, it would be 2 years of no tv watching for me. This greek guy 'BitnikGr's channel on youtube is my fav for russian WWII & military related videos.

His channel offers a glimpse into russian made tv programs. Is a nice break away from western perspective(US & British) especially on WWII. I enjoyed 'Wings of Russia' which he uploaded. Now i'm around 80% through the 'Weapons of Victory' short clips of WWII soviet weaponry.

Switch to 480 quality & full screen view---> Tank Race! T-34 vs T-90!  [New window]

I found it simply amazing the russians drove the granddaddy WWII antique tank T-34 out of the museum. Russian tv is so much better than S'pore's mediacorpse. No kiasuism fearing the antique tank will get damaged/spoilt which it did during the program.

Even if you don't delve into WWII history or military stuff i still recommend watching the entertaining 33min show to see how lousy & lack of creativity S'pore's tv programs are.

Is new necessarily better? You'll be surprised at certain aspects.

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