Friday, November 9, 2012

Mutation of PAP as Seen from S&P500 Index

Let's see how the hybrid regime of S'pore mutates over time as seen from the S&P 500 index.

Independence & Growth of Young S'pore
When S'pore was ejected from Malaysia, the old guards leaders of the current hybrid regime ain't have a clue how the tiny island is gonna survive- Stop at 2! Stop at 2! Stop at 2! Please don't make any more babies!

Albert Winsemius a Dutch economist from UN was instrumental in helping steer our young nation during its inception years till 1984. I don't recall any mention of this dutch guy in school textbooks. Sinkies are brainwashed into thinking that the current hybrid regime is the savior of S'pore & the old man in particular.

Golden Age till Early 1990s
I regard the early 1990s as the end of the golden age of S'pore. The golden age is a period when the population of S'pore are cohesive & inclusive. People have leisure time with rising standards of living.

Compared to now, life back then for the masses are:
  • not as stressful
  • not as fast-paced
  • not as kiasu
  • time for home cooked dinners with family
  • not as crowded/congested
  • citizens instead of consumers
  • enough retirement $$

Mutation: Greed Comes In
A rising tide lift all boats. The hybrid regime are seduced by the rising tide of the world economy & became greedy as during the golden age seeing how 'easy' to roll in the $$. Their mantra became $$$$$$$$$$, market value, market value, market value. Hence the decline of S'pore started somewhere around mid 1990s.

After early 1990s, many shops become half-half shops(what progress is that?) due to ever increasingly killer rent. Hence the phrase 'S'pore mutates into a rent-seeking economy' seeps in.

Birth rates plunge to world's lowest & now the hybrid regime wants consumers (i don't use citizens) to make more baby consumers to keep their easy $$ gravy train from crashing.

Decline, Decline, Decline. Long-term Decline of SG
Wave of post war baby boomers are retiring. Birth-rates lowest in world. New imported consumers ain't gonna reproduce much in a high-cost, overcrowded & stressful tiny island.

As seen from chart history, the stock market is in a sideways pattern for 12 years already- dotcom bust in 2000, housing bust in 2007. We are around the corner now for another recession especially after Obama is reelected(no need prop up economy to gain votes).

Cheap oil, the life blood of the world economy is running out. Consequences of end of cheap oil & the demographic time bomb are just 2 factors that would spell the end for the current hybrid regime.

- Appreciate Golden Age of S'pore from Train in 1991
- Singapore Back in Late 80s

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