Monday, November 26, 2012

Monster Moves Never Seen In S'pore

When people in tiny S'pore say move house they mean packing their furniture & stuff, loading them onto trucks & moving them to their new place (usually a pigeon hole). In other developed nations, moving house is really moving house. The likes of which we won't see in tiny S'pore. Look at those wheels under the building:

Monster Moves is the documenatary series by the same maker of the Big Bigger Biggest series that i enjoyed earlier. Again with superb computer animation illustrating the concepts.

Besides the computer animation illustration i also like:
  • Boss of moving company slog it out in the field with his workers.
  • Plenty of cheap foreign workers like sg? Ain't such thing over there.
  • Cheaper to move whole house over a managable distance than build a new one.

Definitely worth watching them at Chocobullet's Monster Moves youtube channel

Look at the heavy pulling by the heavy vehicles of the house up a slope:

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