Saturday, November 10, 2012

"World Class Marketing" for Guniness Cycling Convoy Record

Grow gdp at all costs like cancer also sibei shiok (feel fantastic). Can grow can already. After all the cancerous effects, "chemotherapy" is coming up.
2 cycling events coming up to repair/heal the divided nation:

Would you pay $2.73/km to ride 26.8km? Hell no, for me!
S'pore Cycle Fest's main event is 5000 cyclists ride 26.8km ride for guniness world record for most no. of riders.

$78 to take part in the main ride event. That's absurb to me. The website got the audacity to say:
"Singapore Cycle Fest 2013 hopes to involve the whole nation & bring it together through a common interest & participation of activities".
Considering the 3rd world wages many local workers get, the event has become a rich man's event & they got the cheek to say 'involve whole nation'.

Pay so much just to cycle. Bloody leeches. I rather spend my $$ in Malaysia & boost their economy.

As you can see above, the sponsors come first & you don't even see any relevant info when the page load up. You have to scroll down. Clearly they put sponsors $$$ as higher priority than having relevant info to get more cyclists to join.

Doesn't the Cycle Fest 2013 reflect exactly the same illness plaguing the country? The illness of outside look very good with $$$ but inside is rotting & rotting already.

Even if they are not marketing, they are already marketing. See how 'fantastic" their marketing is!

Govt Grassroots Machine Organise Largest Community Night Cycling to Unite Sinkies
The fee is more acceptable but i wouldn't take part. Bunch of deadwood come up with this stupid registration process:

Look at their pathetic website design. See how 'brilliant' their marketing is.

I pointed out website design errors when working in big corpseration but is not taken heed.  Bosses don't like my assertive tone & i lack degree in Web Usability (if such thing exist in 1st place). They prefer a docile & obedient puppy dog which i'm not. There are plenty of foreigners who are obedient & won't make noise cause they want to earn the mighty S$. Even stupid orders they will carry out.

I don't know if above 2 cycle event websites are done up by locals or foreigners. That's 1 of the danger of hiring foreigners. They keep quiet & don't make noise so as to collect S$ paychecks month after month after month then sayonara SG for a comfortable life back in home country. I doubt they care about the loss in businesses resulting from poor design of website.


  1. You should really stop acting so intellectual when you cannot even speak properly, or criticize their design when you use comic sans and Paint to scribble on your screenshots. Anyway, the organizers didn't leech on you since they didn't force you to participate in the event, don't just talk without actions, if you really want to contribute to Malaysia's economy, no one is stopping you. You obviously have an issue with foreigners, have they done anything to you personally? Grow up dude.

    1. Hi Jo,
      Yes the organizers didn't leech on me. I use a different font & paint on the screenshot to closer illustrate my point instead of paragraph of text.

      As for pointing out of the danger of foreigners, i've experienced it myself in working environment where a bad order is just carried out without question. I touched on it because generally cheaper workers may not be cheap after all.

      For best example one can just look at the ministers in parliament drawing $M salaries who just said yes to policies. We can see SG declining despite impressive gdp figures.

      Likewise i'm pointing out to bosses that foreigners drawing mighty S$ have tendency to be like those $M salary ministers. Just keep quiet with stupid orders & do & collect Sing Dollar paychecks month after month.