Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sillypore Need 17 Years Vs 5 Years in Chengdu for Metro Line

17 years to complete Cross Island line. Announced just after the nomination of candidates for the By-Election of Punggol East. Seems like a desperate bid to placate those 54% who voted for them in that area in the 2011 election.

Chengdu's first 2 metro lines took around 5 years each to finish construction. In Sillypore is 17 years. Even an interior western city in China is more effective in public transportation planning & construction than our obscenely overpaid ministers.

Their announcement to shore up votes did more damage by telling people they need 17 years to finish building a line when infrastructure in this tiny island is already bursting at the seams with relentless influx of people to shit, shit & shit so they can buy more toilet paper to boost GDP at all costs.

Clementi where i now live is going to be one of the interchanges along the Cross Island line. I would say it would be underground at Clementi for that line. There isn't space left for another line in the current above ground station at Clementi.

Miss the good old times...

- Appreciate Golden Age of S'pore from Train in 1991

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