Monday, January 28, 2013

Malaysia Bus Drivers Decent Wages. Sinkie Drivers 3rd World Wages

Chronology of events:
  1. Pathetic 3rd world bus drivers salary --> sinkies shun the job.
  2. SG Govt-linked companies recruit Msian drivers to makeup shortfall
  3. Malaysia bus companies pay their drivers decent wages!
  4. Less & less Msians willing to work in Sillypore.
  5. SG's Pro Alien Party govt source for cheaper drivers from China.
  6. Some PRC drivers went on strike due to unfair pay compared to Msians.
Being a peasant who escape to Johor Bahru at times to stretch my dollars further, i need to take Johor's buses to travel. I came across their ad for bus driver recruitment for Causeway Link:

(From google translate)
pemandu bas = bus driver

gaji yang kompetitif = competitive salary

RM4,000 = S$1,600

After wage adjustment prior to strike:
Starting monthly pay for new S'porean bus drivers from $1,200 to $1,625
Permanent Resident (PR) & Msian bus drivers receive a basic salary of $1350, up from $1200.

Msian bus drivers are not dumb:
Work in SG---> $1,350
Pay meals & drinks in S$ & suffer punishing commutes through immigration checkpoint

Work in Msia---> $1,600 (RM4,000)
Meals & drinks in RM. Shorter commutes.

I'm not sure if RM4,000 includes overtime pay but it is apparent the salary is not alluring enough for Malaysians otherwise the SG govt-lniked companies wouldn't have to recruit cheaper drivers from China.

3rd-World Wages in Sillypore:
SG bus driver: $1,625/mth suffering 1st world cost of living
Msian bus driver: $1,600/mth decent living in developing country

Wage suppression is not confined to bus drivers alone. Hordes of sinkies are suffering wage suppression with the govt's massive influx of cheaper labor to boosts its govt-linked companies profits at the expense of the natives. I'm using bus drivers as example as people are already familiar with the explosion of the 'strike by drivers hired from China'.

No Sustained Demand in Sillypore
"One's own employees ought to be one's own best customers. Paying high wages is behind the prosperity of this country"-Henry Ford

Remember what Henry Ford said. With widespread wage suppression coupled with relentless rising cost of living, how can there be prosperity in Sillypore when there is no sustained demand from sinkies?  Is a precarious state as the demand is artifically propped up by massive influx of foreigners. When they leave enmasse, it is 'depression' for Sillypore.

Pro Alien Party being thrown out by suffering sinkies in Punggol East by-election is a good start. More elites of the Pro Alien Party must be thrown out via the ballot slip in 2016 before these elites make life hell for the peasants.

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