Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30% More Population by 2030 in Desperate Hanging On to Power

I loathe going out to crowded places even more.

Productivity is already one of lowest among developed economies due to massive influx of cheaper labor. Now the Pro Alien Party is gonna make it worse.

6.9M population in 2030. Increase of 30% from present 5.3M. They ain't referred to as Pro Alien Party for nothing. Is madness. Desperate hanging on to power by importing aliens to convert to citizens to shore up their crumbling support base.

Is already so congested on this tiny island. Is utter bullshit about high quality of life. Aren't these chickens in cramped spaces stressed?

More consumption so more shit & buy more toilet paper --> gdp up. Their mentality to grow gdp at all costs like cancer is truly sickening.

Sinkies must vote the Pro Alien Party out of 2/3 majority in 2016. Is last chance. Convince 1 other person to vote against the Pro Alien Party & get that person to convince another. Cycle continues... Is that simple.


  1. Agree every single vote against pap is important. It all adds up to throwing them out.

  2. PAP is here to stay lah...sigh...I think the 2016 election also no hope. Sinkies are just too blinded and too selfish. Especially those brainwashed young kids now who been brainwashed in school to glorify the so-called achievements of the government. And to them, government=PAP forever. Ultimate fail. Like frog in a slow boiling pot of water.

    1. Results of Punggol by-election shows there's still hope. Initially i thought also no hope as votes spilt like presidential election. Sinkies need to emulate those voters in the 'hammer districts'.

      Winston Churchill didn't give up when Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany. America also didn't give up despite Pacific fleet severely crippled at Pearl Harbor. Went into Guadacanal with troops equiped with WWI rifles-bloody fight there.

      Every1 convince 1 person to switch over to alt. party. That 1 person go on convince another to switch. On & on. That way no amount of gerrymandering will work in 2016.