Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sinkies Have Wisen By Concentrating Votes to Defeat Pro Alien Party in Punggol East

Biggest ang pao(red packet) for Chinese New Year - Replacement candidate of the ruling party for Punggol East by-election defeated.

I didn't have much hope since it is a 4-corner fight. Votes among the alternatives are bound to be split. Astonishing it turn out that people learnt how damaging multi-corner fights are from presidential election in 2011.

Now people wise up & concentrate on person with highest odds to win against the incumbent Pro Alien Party:

We can look forward to more loss of votes for the incumbent in 2016 election. Incumbent Pro Alien Party which now holds 80 out of 87(92%) seats must be denied of 2/3 majority in 2016 election. Enough of their grow gdp at all costs like cancer mentality, abscene salaries with poor performance as well as pro alien policies etc.

Look at the photos(took a screenshot from video) posted by netizens of how the winner(blue; workers party) & loser(white; pro alien party) go about thanking the peasants in the electoral battleground after the election:

Still showing how high & mighty they are when thanking the peasants. Still in 'ivory tower'. Hired a tourist open-air double-decker bus plying the main roads. How to connect with residents when double decker can't go into car parks?

Winner is humble & close to ground & peasants. Small lorry easily maneuver into car parks. Much cheaper & perhaps even free if it is a volunteer's lorry.

Most interesting is this when the 2 sides ran into & greeted each other. Look at the small lorry being close to peasants' pigeon-hole homes.

This guy making his debut during a rally has high potential to defeat another 'elite' from the pro alien party. He fear for his children & young sinkies future hence he joined the blue hammer party. There is hope for S'pore.

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