Monday, May 30, 2011

Qian Hu Fish Farm Visit

Tired of squeezing with the locusts swarms of crowd in shopping malls especially on weekends? Why not head to some quieter place? There's a free shuttle bus to Qian Hu fish farm from Choa Chu Kang Interchange.

My first visit to a fish farm. I sort of envy the person/s staying at the residential guardhouse(like a landed single story house). Such a tranquil place in hectic s'pore. If i'm not mistaken this is the only fish farm listed on the local stock exchange so why not go there explore?

Notice board area with the newspaper writeups, awards & accolades & photos related to the fish farm & management. Bicycles are a neat way for workers to get around the farm quickly.

Gigantic fish shop with their tanks for visitors to buy fishes. There's another 1 in a dark room for the more costly fishes & another in an open air area.

Smaller fish poonds:

Larger ponds & one that's going to be filled soon:

Fish farm next door of the more traditional type:

Maximising space use by growing vegies. Organic vegies for the farmkeeper(guard):

Arowana spotted in the murky pond waters:

'Fengshui' mini waterfall & pond for the fish farm:

Fish related accessories are sold as well to aquarium hobbyists:

Some of their indoor rearing tanks:

Funny notice. Is easy to fill in the missing words:

Crabs are sold in their open air tank shop area:

Lobsters? Shrimps? Forgot what these creatures for sale are called:

Dining area for bosses, workers & visitors. Shuttle bus boarding & drop off point is here:

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  1. Neat place, I was proud of my small local pet shop, but it doesn't compaire. Too bad I couldn't go there because I live in the States. Those are crayfish by the way and they have realy small claws. I bet they woulnd't be able to break the skin.