Saturday, July 16, 2011

46km to Woodlands Park Connector Loop Night Exploration

Done a 46km ride. Main interest is the Woodlands Park Connector loop along SLE that loops back to Woodlands. Very exposed route during the day as there's little shade. Is the first night ride that rained since i began riding with a Fri night group. Reach start point & started to rain when about to ride off after 15mins. Waited 75mins for the rain to stop. Had more prolonged extra pitstops along the way due to rain.

Rode up via Bkt Batok. Southern Woodlands PCN 1st(anti-clockwise)

I got impatient from the wait & was wondering how come i got 'time starved & do something' voices in my head instead of just do nothing & watch the rain. Doing nothing ain't easy in S'pore where people are conditioned to speed-walk fast, walk up escalator(escalator not fast enough!) etc.

During weekends where parks get crowded the relax feeling is gone to a large extent. Worst is probably east coast park. Riding there while swerving to avoid people & other riders & skaters kills the mood for a relax ride.

I find it hard to strike up a conversation with other riders as the topic mainly revolves around upgrading bicycle parts. I'm more keen on growing my $$ & my entry level roadbike is for commuting purposes hence mindset is different from them. For commuting uses, we don't like to upgrade parts & tend to keep addons to a minimal mainly due to scare of theft(after having 1 stolen which is darn heartpain).

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