Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blue Chip Ain't Blue when U Overpay

I'm wary of local property stocks(bubble condition) & the way Capitaland spends $$ on reconstruction of Jurong Entertainment Mall puts me off. After the initial euphoria which rose up a bit after its IPO in Nov 09 at $2.12, it's been downhill ever since. At latest price of $1.47 it would need to rise 45% just to breakeven.

This is no growth stock but a blue chip thus the likelihood of rising 45% is remote considering we are now in the so call recovery period from the Great Recession.

Blue chip ain't blue when u overpay. I'm no fan of IPOs as the company listing it seeks maximum cash from its listing price. Is like a girl dressing up & with makeup to make a good impression on 1st date. Market is always there, there's no need to hurry & get seduce by the story of the listing company.

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