Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cao Cao-Learning from Defeat & Being Complacent

In first 3mins of this clip from the new drama, Cao Cao conducts a rally to his demoralised troops & generals after his narrow escape from Chibi. I don't remember such a rally in the old 90s drama series. How does this relate to the education system in S'pore? In schools we are taught to avoid making mistakes. Making mistakes make one look stupid & as we can see from our politicians' mistakes hardly any acknowledge their mistakes like Cao Cao. Afterall many are scholars...

Nevertheless i've watched a few clips here & there from this 2010 drama & find the following Pros & Cons of this newer series:

- better battle scenes
- better equipment
- better scenery
- better palace interiors

- Many actors portraying the characters still lose out to old series
- Parts like Jiang Wei's defection & Xiahou Mao's battle scenes are omitted

Overall i still prefer the older series due to the actors appearances being more alike to the novel.

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