Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Addiction to Mobile Phones

I wrote about the danger of being a slave to a tech gadget that is suppose to make our lives easier not long ago. Is good to disconnect ourselves from the phone occasionally & get off the 'grid'. New study just came out with the following results:

Summary points from Sleep with your iPhone? U are not Alone:

  • growing obsession among people who would much rather interact with their smartphones than with other human beings.

  • pretend to talk on the phone or fiddle with apps to avoid eye contact or other interactions at a bar or a party.

  • students separated from their phones were under-stimulated & lacked the ability to entertain themselves.

  • anxious feeling of missing something has caused some to slumber next to their smartphones.

  • For others, being away from their phone will almost certainly cause separation anxiety.
On the part of losing the phone & losing the contacts as a result, what i do is i have a softcopy on excel format on my pc which is backed up occasionally from time to time. Too many contacts on address book? Why not cull it? I delete off people whom i have hardly any contact. Less is more. Quality over quantity.

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