Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jusco Tebrau at Weekday

No feeling of 'rushed' when cross over to JB, the feeling of extra spaces is welcoming unlike S'pore malls which are crowded even on normal weekdays.

My 1st trip to Jusco Tebrau not far from JB central. Upon exiting Iskandar immigration complex, walk down the stairs/escalator at JB Sentral(on leftside just after bridge connecting the 2 complexes). Buses going towards Kota Tingi, Ulu Tiram pass by this mall & usually the bus sign will indicate Jusco Tebrau.

I don't quite exactly know where to align so i just sat behind the driver & told him to inform me when is time to align. Below is the bus-stop to align. If i recall is Tesco->overhead bridge(press bell)->bus-stop.

Above pic show the dirt path to walk up to cross the road to reach Jusco Tebrau.

Continue walking the dirt path & up the stairs to the ground level carpark.

When stepped into Jusco Tebrau building at around 11:15am this is how 'airy' & spacious it is unlike the swarmed malls in S'pore.

Interior views of the mall. No congestion. No suffocating feeling of throngs of consumers rushing about consuming. Is a pleasant experience throughout the afternoon.

Still yearning for more? Tesco is nearby in which groceries are generally cheaper than Jusco. To get to Tesco just exit from beside ESPRIT, turn right & walk down the ramp. You'll see Tesco on the other side of the road. There's even less people at Tesco. Not many shops at the smaller Tesco complex though.

Returning home is simple. Just get to the bus-stop opposite from where you aligned by following the dirt path leading to the overhead bridge in front of both bus-stops. Any bus with sign BandarJB is heading towards JB center. During the late afternoon there are people boarding the 1st bus that stop & i just followed them & boarded upon seeing the bandar destination sign on the bus.

Is a recommended quick daytrip getaway especially for those who got day offs on weekdays- a large mall where you don't feel squeezed. Is sort of a compensation for working in retail sector on hectic weekends serving locusts swarms of consumers. Don't waste your $$ on wasteful stuff that end up cluttering your home by giving in to too many temptations in a mall environment though.

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