Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bandana/Head Scarf for Cycling

Bought 5 pieces of multi scarf for my friend & i & only 4 arrived. Is my 2nd purchase from a retailer on gmarket. I'll forget about chasing about the missing piece, another time & i'll complain even if is a small purchase. At offer price of 70c each is value for $. Shipping is $2.50 for up to 5 pieces so each piece is $1.20 inclusive of shipping. I bought it to wear as sweat absorption to make the cushion on the new helmet last longer since replacement cushion pads are costly & not always available.

Other use i can find is to act as a towel(light & smaller) for use in budget accomodation overseas where towel is not provided for shower.

These scarfs are also known as buffs which i've come across in bicycle shops & saf emarts which retails much much higher. Is apparent the markup is atrocious which put me off. Why buy from brick & mortar sources & get ripped off when you can buy this multi-scarf at a value price at gmarket?

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