Monday, July 11, 2011

Arm Sleeves at S$1.90 (cycling, other sports)

White & light blue arm sleeves

Bought arm sleeves to protect against sunburn after being charred on cycling trip to Lorong Halus wetland at Punggol. Is the best value for $$ i've come across so far at S$1.90/pair. Best of all, its freesize fit my thin arms. Before knowing of this online retailer i see prices of $10-$40/pair which is plain ridiculous.

Finally some protection to mitigate the fear being charred under the sun for long hours.

Amazing how the skin heals itself given enough time from the sunburn. Isn't it worthwhile to spend $1.90 for a pair of arm sleeves & $2.50 shipping to protect our skin against the scorching sunlight?

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