Monday, August 22, 2011

42km Ride to East Coast Park & Back

After mapping out the distance i'm surprised is shorter than the Woodlands Waterfront ride. The ride to East Coast Park has the lowest turnout of 11 riders. It is also the first ride since i joined the group to venture beyond Kallang by the ride organiser after a rider feedback to him how come never ride to east coast & beyond during a breakstop at the Woodlands Waterfront ride.

Though the group has a higher % of smokers & drinkers compared to other riding groups the strength lies in the variety of routes. Variety of rides is something that some riders look forward & guess during the monotonous work week. Even if is to the same location like the Woodlands Waterfront, there is some alterations within it to make it interesting. I'm glad i went for that 2nd Waterfront ride though that voice in my head said 'U've ridden that route why ride the same stuff again? Better to sleep early than cycle into the wee hours.'

How to avoid the negative smoking & drinking part? Well i avoid by riding home after the ride is done instead of joining the others for drinks.

Distance rode is around 42km.

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