Sunday, August 28, 2011

Himalayan Mt Range in Road Deformity

Appalling state of road is increasing evident in recent years just as the state of nation's infrastrature is stretched to breaking point.

As a leisure sightseeing cyclist i often ride on roads. Worst stretch i encounter is West Coast Highway beside of baseball field of the Japanese Secondary School.
What you see is only around 20% of the horrendous state of decay as the photos are shrank down in size so as not to bogged down the loading speed of the site. You got to see it 'live' to appreciate the true extent of the deformity.

I've sent the photos to the Land Transport Authority for rectification. Even buses dare not roll over this 'Himalayan Mt Range' & keep a safe distance away(cut into another lane by doing so). Is particularly dangerous to cyclists at night speeding down & not noticing it until too late.

1st patch of deformity. This is just the appetizer for what lies ahead.

No idea how this small eruption occur which overlap up onto the yellow line. Not an issue for bigger tires but those on road bike slick tires might encounter 'hiccups' after 1st patch of deformity.

Main course of obstacle aka 'Himalayan Mt Range' viewed in same direction of traffic. Look at the 'lava flow'. Jln Buroh & West Coast Highway roundabout is just up ahead.

Look how the 'lava' spill over & cover the drain.

View of the 'mountain range' & 'depression' facing the direction of traffic.

This 'lone outcrop' is situated at the beginning of the flyover bridge along Commonwealth Ave West over the Ulu Pandan canal. It got a 'sister' diagonally opposite in the other direction at opposite end. This lone outcrop is just as if not more dangerous at night since is not as obvious as the 'Himalayan Mt range' it could cause a cyclist to lose control if tripped over it.

Long stretches of 'patches' such as these are an inconvenience in recent years making for a somewhat rough ride for road bikers. Where to lay cables & pipes etc without taking up undue space in tiny tiny S'pore as infrastrature is bursting with huge influx of people? You've guess it-beneath roads.

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