Saturday, August 13, 2011

46km Ride To Woodlands Waterfront & Back via Ulu Sembawang PCN

Almost didn't make it for the ride. One of my earliest ride with the group was to Woodlands Waterfront fishing jetty. Voice inside me saying 'Going there again?'. I was also bit sleepy & lethargic so was comtemplating to stay home & sleep early instead.

It turn out by overruling the voice in my head the ride is worthwhile. We rested at the playground area & managed to explore the eastern part of the waterfront which was not completed the last time we went. The eastern portion ain't much to see though. Biggest harvest for me is returning via Ulu Sembawang PCN from Woodlands Ave 2. That PCN is unlit & the moon is so much brighter in the dark. Is my 1st time riding there. Now i know there's a shortcut from Woodlands to Mandai Rd.

Around 50% of Ulu Sembawang PCN is not smoothy paved so there's much vibration riding on my roadbike tires(still rideable surface). I dare not ride fast for fear of tripping over branches or debris & fall.

In total it was around 46km.

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