Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are You Infected with Affluenza?

What is affluenza? I've never heard of this term until i come across the book with that title. A documentary is done on it. I've let you watch it & decide for yourself how afflicted you are especially in S'pore where there are so many malls growing like weeds near us.

To give you a clue here are a few startling revelations(doesn't matter it mention americans):

- Americans now spend 6hrs/week shopping & only 40mins playing with our kids.

- I bought a lot more than i planned to. You just see so much. Yes, you do & that's the idea. it's why big malls sell much more per sq/foot than do their smaller counterparts. Seeing so much leads to impulse buying, the key to mall profitability. Only 25% of mall shoppers actually come with a specific product in mind.

- Do you walk fast? Do you eat fast? Do you often do 2 or more things at the same time?

- Corporations are recognizing that the consumer lifestyle starts younger & younger. If you wait to reach children with your product until they're 18, you probably won't capture them.

- Polls show that nearly 90% of American adults worry that our children are becoming 'focused on buying & consuming things'.

- The more Americans fill their lives with things, the more psychiatrists, friends & family members that feel 'empty' inside. The more toys our kids have to play with, the more they complain of boredom.
Watch Affluenza (56mins)now.

With regards to hobbies, i've seen people with countless boardgames they don't have time to play that clutter up their homes. 3-4 badminton racquets when can only use 1 at a time. 3-4 bicycles when can only ride 1 at a time. Clearly there is far too much possession overload. You may have notice that warehouse buildings have sprout up in recent years for 'consumers' to rent & store their excess stuff spilling over from their overcluttered homes.

Do people need so much stuff? How come more & more people are mentally ill from stress?

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