Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drudgery Work = Certain Path to Poverty

"You do want to avoid drudgrey. No one can maintain self-motivation & productivity very long when engaged in activities they find mind-numbing or onerous, or dealing with people they despise, or doing work they find unfulfilling, or selling things they do not believe in. This is a certain path to poverty. But, on the other hand, only doing what you like with no regard to market demand is just as certain a path to poverty.

Truth is, you rarely get all the results you want only from activities & process you prefer. Maturity involves opting for desirable results rather than pleasing activities."-Dan Kennedy

1st paragraph is basic common sense advice from Dan Kennedy but unfortuntately many are sucked into the drudgery vicious cycle especially in S'pore where the education system is overly emphasised on studying on something that can get a job. At times i wonder how those big corporations hire people via resumes where the intangibles like whether they like the job, sell things they believe in are very unlikely to be detected.

The part on selling things one to not believe in is a certain path to poverty reminds me of network marketing. MLM mania occur in S'pore during the early & mid 2000s. Dismay high rate of failures & dropouts can be attributing on emphasis on recruiting more downlines with little to no regard on whether the person believes in the product or service.

His mention of market demand is something i've not come across from other authors. In summary i visualise what he said as 2 individual circles (avoid drudgrey & no mkt demand) inside a rectangle. The sweet spot is the rectangle area not covered by the 2 circles.

His 2nd para is another that hit me. Procrastination in one form or another inflicts many. When the activity is not pleasing we often feel we are forced to do it. Forced & forced to do it & often we dread the activity & eventually avoid it if possible. Being pushed to do(motivation from outside) something seldom last long compared to being pulled to do it(inspiration from within).

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