Friday, August 26, 2011

Turning Intense Dislike into Creativity through Comics

The comic creator is darn savvy, he sure hang out a lot at political sites. His comics are a wonderful tool to wake up those ignorant people through laughter. I admire his creativity. Opposite of love is not dislike but indifference. If he is indifferent he wouldn't have drawn those cartoons. Dislike is another form of passion. Admire how he transform dislike of the current ruling party into works of art & laughter using the local political scene as the landscape.

Very funny comic series. I laugh as much as like watching Mr Bean. Creativity in short supply like balls. His latest comic on ballot slip is darn hilarious. Specs symbol become bra with slight modification. Also added lightning to palmtree as warning.

I've become a fan of his 'Turn Dislike into Creativity' comics at . Are you amused by his comics?

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