Friday, August 19, 2011

Presidential Election Symbols as Marketing Tools

My mum collected the presidential voting card from the letterbox. Told me to vote for the 'heart' candidate & not for the 'specs' candidate which is endorsed by the incumbent party. Mum belongs to the illiterate elderly like many older s'poreans. With the hike in public transport fees despite a worsening of service quality shortly after the general election, the incumbent party is perceived to be heartless.

'Heart' candidate is marketing himself as the conscience of the nation. Having stood as an alternative voice candidate in the May general elections his action is congruent compared to the other 3 candidates.

Simple symbol combined with congruent action doesn't cost much & easily understood by the not well educated folks. Is a big marketing budget needed? How effective are the other 3 symbols when explanation of what they stand for are needed?

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