Tuesday, September 27, 2011

$1 Chendol at Tanglin Halt Hawker Ctr

Hawkers are under pressure to raise prices due to inflationary pressure. I'm wondering if the $1 desert stall for most deserts at Tanglin Halt hawker centre is still $1. Turns out is the same.

I loathe to spend $ eating at local eateries other than hawker centres when one can stretch their dollars much further in neighouring Malaysia.

Tanglin Halt is perhaps the only place where the half-half shops are below average levels compared to other residential areas. Many shops & coffeeshops have closed shop due to high rentals. Those struggling rent half a shopspace to stay afloat hence 'half-half' shops.
Still many full-sized shops in Tanglin Halt

Personally i find the retail scene here becoming more & more uncompetitive with the relentless jacking up of utilities & rental which are fixed costs to a business. Govt's desperate measure is to flood in cheaper workers from other countries to keep businesses afloat & to boost consumption hence gdp up. More foreigners comes the headache of social issues to the country.

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