Saturday, September 24, 2011

Remarkable 'Slave' Ad

Stumbled onto this picture which someone says is truly out of the ordinary compared to the stale ads we often see infesting the jobs section of the newspaper.

Is a recruitment from a startup company. We hardly ever see such stuff coming from large corprations & bureaucracies since the people in big institutions tend to toe-the-line & are status quoers. Is no wonder that big companies often have no idea how they are often outmaneuvered by small companies that are nimble & agile. Their corporate culture is totally different in their stages of growth.

Many HR & bosses like to hire 'yesman' or 'yeswoman' to work for them. They don't want someone with initiative making waves & rocking the boat. Irony is that by avoiding 'renegade' workers who can contribute much more those same risk averse bosses are putting themselves & the companies they work for in far greater risk.

When those so-call 'renegades' go work for another company & contribute much more to its forward motion compared to a yesman/yeswoman, those risk averse bosses face the prospect of retrenchment when their slow lumbering companies can't compete.

'Renegade' workers are often more valuable though they may be harder to manage than yesmen/yeswomen. I speak from experience because i'm one of those renegade workers with a tendency to question the status quo & start things without approval whom my superior find a pain in the ass to manage.

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