Thursday, September 22, 2011

Warehouse Storage Solutions -Increasingly Cluttered Homes

Warehouse storage companies have been sprouting up like mushrooms over S'pore. Why?

- Retail therapy by many people unhappy with their jobs
- Malls srpouting up like weeds
- Keeping up with the joneses
- More, more & more mentality

End result is an overdose of consumerism. Many people buy stuff in effort to be happy which is short-lived. I'm aghast at people having 4-5 badminton racquets, 4-6 bicycles at home. Furthermore home size in S'pore are shrinking as the govt aims to squeeze ever more people into this tiny crowded island to boost the economy at all costs.

Instead of solving the issue with quality, most people are stuck with the mindset that more is better. When space runs out at the their homes where do they turn to? That's right- storage rental solutions. Again is another $ pithole where the consumer (not citizen) pays monthly charges as his stuff collects dust at some storage facility.

The planet has enough for everyone but is unsustainable if everyone goes into 'steriods' type of consumerism.

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