Monday, September 5, 2011

Thompson Submachine Gun - Masses are Slow to Wake Up

History of the Thompson submachine gun is a fine example of how the masses are asleep for a long time & need a terrible jolt in order to wake up from their slumber.

The gun is considered the fastest firing potent weapon of its time. Salesmen have went to the military & police to demonstrate the potency of the weapon yet the military & police are very slow in adopting it. Is no doubt that large bureaucracies are slow in adopting new stuff.

How did they wake up? Apparently the gangsters are quick to see potential in the weapon & adopted it. Police are outgunned! It is after the accidental killing of an infant that outraged the public which trigger the military & police to 'wake up'.

Inventor & his company has been struggling for more than 20 years to sell the weapon which has solidly proved its high marks for rate of fire, simplicity of use & lethality. After hearing this i got reminded of the history of the landing craft carrying soldiers to storm beaches during WWII- if the good guys are slow to wake up then sell the fast moving boat to the smugglers! When law enforcement guys can't catch up he approach the good guys & offer to sell them a faster version of the boat. When those bureaucratic folks are awake from the rude shock of being outrunned by smuggers the sales process is much smoother.

Start watching the 1st part of this amusing history of the Tommy Gun:

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