Tuesday, November 27, 2012

S'pore's 1st Workers Strike in 20+ Years

Parody laugh:

You can take satisfaction in knowing that we will be facing Pro Alien Party in our first merging in some time!

Unity is strength. Unite!

I'm thrilled that 200 bus drivers hired from China went on a strike. I consider their request for same salary treatment as Msian drivers reasonable though they lack english speaking skills & accustom to driving on the left back in China. I've written about the pathetic 3rd world wages(using bus drivers as example) last week in the 11 Years Experience = 1 Year Repeated 11x .We have finally reached the tipping point on this issue.

Both China & S'pore practise State Capitalism but china's version is their citizens well-being come first. S'pore's State Capitalism model made citizens lives hard by flooding in cheaper foreign workers to suppress/replace citizens so the state owned companies have higher profits.

Is been 20+ years since S'pore had a workers strike. Many sinkies are docile & meek & thus the pro alien party made the life of many hard with suppression of wages. Though the china drivers are generally lesser educated they are not dumb. I admire their guts in standing up for their rights.

J. Paul Getty who was one of the richest man in the world during the 1950s-1960s wrote in his book 'How to be Rich:
I've usually found that organized labor is fundamentally fair-but it wants to know the facts.
They are asking for same salary as Msian drivers which is $200/mth more & 1 month bonus. I consider it fair considering the damn Cycle Fest charges $68 (previously $78) for a short 29km which is darn expensive even for sinkies.

Workers are not ignoramuses. They are perfectly capable of recognizing attempts to mislead or misinform them & like anyone else, they are quite likely to resent & rebel against such treatment. On the other hand, once they are given the unvarnished facts, the workers are generally cooperative to the maximum extent consistent with their legitimate aims & their responsibilities toward their fellow workers.
China drivers know sinkie drivers shun the job since is 3rd world wages. They know they are being exploited like sinkies by the Pro Alien Party.

Perhaps part of the cause of the spate of accidents by china bus drivers are due to resentment as they drive. How many lives are at stake?

Labor's propensity-its high earnings & consequent high buying power-represents an important factor in the prosperity of the nation as a whole.
S'pore looks prosperous on the surface but beneath it many sinkies buying power are eroded. Debt & more debt provides the facade of prosperity.

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  1. Glad to see this happening , hope that this event will wake those supporting foreign worker import. More such events hopefully starts the downfall of pinky and the pro alien party.